After 575 days on GAPS, Carter is offically healed. Now he eats everything!

After 575 days on GAPS, Carter is offically healed. Now he eats everything! Well almost everything! He's still eating a real food/non processed diet for the most part and we will stay away from soy in all forms and cauliflower, mainly because Mommy is still scared of those foods. We are sticking with the 80/20 ratio of foods because now he can indulge in a cheat every once and awhile and he's just fine!

Friday, June 21, 2013

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

May 30 was Carter's 4th birthday. It was also one year and 7 months since his first day of GAPS. And it was another big milestone for him. It was the first day we could say he was no longer on GAPS. He was healed. GAPS had done it's job, and what an amazing job it did.

Carter's 3rd birthday was a foodless celebration. He had a cake made of presents and a cupcake candle on top of his honey-drizzled shaved ice.

 This year it was something completely different. On the menu were typical, ordinary preschool foods. Yet, they were three foods he had never had before, not even a taste of them, for fear of the after effects.
A peanut butter and jelly sandwich. An ice cream cone.  And store bought birthday cake. Nothing was homemade. No ingredient labels were studied. Best of all, no side effects were seen, except huge and happy smiles. He went from consuming nothing but meat broth, boiled lamb and beef and pureed pumpkin to being able to walk up to an ice cream counter and pick out whatever flavor he wanted. What a difference a year makes!

If you haven't been following his story, you may be wondering how bad he could have been. Did we really need GAPS? Is that what really saved him? It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case I believe it's true. You don't need to  read every post I wrote to know where we have been . I am sharing these photos for those of you who are wondering if GAPS is right for you . For those of you who are just starting on the path and are scared and overwhelmed. This was our live before:

A scope at 15 months to look for causes of bloody stools and lack of weight gain and a reason behind his failure to thrive.

 Hospitalized at 20 months for severe upper respiratory infection caused by topical food reactions.

Hospitalized at 2 and a half for a massive intestinal blockage. His intestinal tract did not know how to process and work correctly.

A little boy who was too tired from just trying to survive. A little boy who endured countless tests  and doctors appointments. A little boy who never played for very long. A little boy who had a limited quality of life  for  his first three years.

This is our boy today. All smiles. All energy. All noise. All the time. He's a typical four year kid. I've said it before and it still rings true. GAPS is Hope. It's hard. It's scary. It's exhausting and will probably remind the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. But almost 2 years later, so much of the Hard is a blur, replaced by this magical little face greeting me in the morning and asking. "Momma, I want a new food that I never ever had before". And I get to say, YES!


  1. So awesome that he's doing so well!

  2. YAY!!!!!!! Happy dance, happy tears- happy for Carter!!! Happy for your family!

  3. Yea! for Carter! Yea! For his mommy!

  4. Thank you for sharing. I saw this on Loving our Guts and SO needed to read this. My little girl is 2 and also has FPIES. She has breast milk, organic chicken and chicken broth, we are doing GAPS and I feel kind of stuck. I don't know where to move on from here and to be honest with you, food trials scare me so bad I am afraid to move on. Reading a success story helps so much! Thank you and SO glad your little guy is healed!!!!

  5. Congratulations!!!!!! I just read all your story and God Bless you!! What a great mother you are! I wish you all the best!!